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My journey making the memorize.ai blog

By Ken Muellerken@memorize.ai

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Aug 13, 2020


I created this blog because I want to share tips & tricks for memorization along with memorize.ai's journey to success. In a later blog post, I'll talk about how the algorithm works and give you a peek inside what's happening behind the scenes.


I've implemented some formatting in this blog. You can write syntax-highlighted code!

Here's a link to memorize.ai

Another link, but this one is for this blog's code

"memorize.ai is truly the ultimate memorization platform" - memorize.ai

cout << "Is memorize.ai the ultimate memorization platform? ";
string answer;
cin >> answer;
if (answer == "no")
cout << "Wrong answer!";
/* How do I center a div??? */
div {
center: yes;

What's this? <?php echo "Hey look, inline code!"; ?>

You can also include images:

Adam has ruined everything